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We deliver complex IT Solutions at low cost with minimal risk.

Leverage our expertise in Artifical Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and IoT. And our unique portfolio of AdTech Platforms, Web Applications, coupled with our Competences and Business Models.

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Software Outsourcing Solutions for Start-ups, SMBs and Enterprises. From fully managed teams to individual engineers.

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Looking for a partner you can trust to execute your Product Development, Software Outsourcing or IT Staff Augmentation projects? You've come to the right place.

Who we are

Bloomix Digital is a global software company with a portfolio of innovative software platforms, products, components, solutions, competences and services across several industry.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is not to be the most successful business out there, but we work to be the best in what we do. We work to ensure each client, irrespective of the budget and size, is treated as the top priority.Our sole mission is to provide solutions that bring value and profitability in your business.

  • Our Vision

    As a corporation, We try to line the quality for ethics and expertness within the business. We perceive that our customers outline the quality of work, and their loyality should be attained.

  • Our Values

    We believe that nothing would beat you if you keep your values alive. We play focused and planned with our best-kept values of quality, commitment and perseverance.These are the primary force helping us define, design and deliver a solution with perfection.

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Our exclusive services

Our vast experience in software product development for small and large businesses lets us deliver diverse solutions you need to dynamically run your business operations.

Artifical Intelligence

Artifical Intelligence is not just the development of intelligence, which works as per needs. It's a world of thoughts and learning capacity of humans. We create AI for several industries. We work on the intellectual development in keeping the future of human intelligence


We process the big data and data analytics for our clients, along with the development of tailered software for personal and global economic growth. Articulating data, which need adequate storage, attention and technology, we know what to do with such enormous data.


Creating a whole new system of transcriptions and transactions seemed a concept of impossibility a decade ago, nevertheless, it has become reality now and it is taking everything we know digitally practically int futuristic approach of oneness.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has given wings to the business solutions and it is intellectual to the service, which can provide sharing, storing and accessing solutions. We can provide you with the best service and we don't just say. We show what we can do with the services we are offering for the betterment of your business's livelihood.

Internet Of Things

IOT is one of it's kind as it offers accessibility to whatever you have is need to access your business, network, device and even anyone in the world. We are proposing a service to you that is made in the image of anything is accessible.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the capacity given to a developer platform to perform in a verisity of the data environment. If you have a question, what if a machine can learn how human's think? The answer can be easy for us because we know what machines can learn because we know how to teach them.

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